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Icelandair’s new safety video: unique, exotic, relaxing


Have you seen Icelandair’s new safety video? If I could use only three words to describe it, it would be: unique, exotic, relaxing. Here’s why.

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Would you make a good ABP?


ABP means “Able-bodied person” or “Able-bodied passenger”. It’s airline lingo for passengers who are selected to assist an airline crew during an emergency. But what makes a good ABP, and above all, what does an ABP do?

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Meals on sun destination flights: an endangered species

Ravioli in tomato sauce, cheese, green beans

Nowadays, the only way you can get a meal on a flight under 5 1/2 hours is either to upgrade to Club Class or Business Class, to buy on board… or to fly one of the few airlines that still offers free meals.

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You are one click away from going to the wrong airport


Imagine what happens when a passenger lands at the wrong airport… even though the flight plan was followed and the pilot did nothing wrong. The cause? They booked (or were booked on) the wrong flight.

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Malaysia Airlines says flight MH370 ended in Indian Ocean

Photo by Kentaro Iemoto via Wikipedia

This statement is based on new satellite data which suggests that per the last known position of the flight, the plane would have been too far from any possible landing sites.

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