Meals on sun destination flights: an endangered species

Are you surprised? Air Transat will stop serving free meals on flights from Canada to sun destinations (from June 1, 2014, on Economy Class from Canada to the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America). That’s how the media announces it. The airline, however, refers to its “Enhanced Inflight services“, and claims that passengers will be able to “personalize” their meals with a new buy-on-board menu.

Personally, I’m not surprised. Continue reading

World Airways – A Video Tribute

As you may have heard, on March 29, 2014, World Airways ceased operations. Here’s a small tribute to the rich history of this airline. Let’s start with some commercials, followed by scenes from air disaster movies, and finally, an uncommon video presented on some flights. Click on the title of this post to view all of the videos and their descriptions. Continue reading

You are one click away from going to the wrong airport

Puzzled passenger in font of a FIDS. Photo via Flickr by amateur_photo_bore.

Passenger looking at a FIDS. Photo by amateur_photo_bore via Flickr.

Recently, a recording was released, capturing the confusion and disbelief when air traffic control realized that Southwest Airlines flight 4013 had landed not at Branson Airport (BKG), but at much-smaller M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport (PLK) on January 12, 2014. The pilot proceeded visually towards what he thought was the right field. Fortunately, the plane stopped just short of running out of runway and no passengers were injured.

Now, imagine what happens when a passenger lands at the wrong airport… even though the flight plan was followed and the pilot did nothing wrong. The cause? They booked (or were booked on) the wrong flight. Continue reading