Guess The Airline – August 2000 answer

Every month, an airline printed advertisement, minus airline name and logo, is displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. The following is the answer to a previous game.

This time, only two people guessed the airline correctly. But there were very good tries. Everyone thought about the airlines being among the first to introduce the Boeing 767 in their niche. This advertisement was taken from a website publishing other old airline advertisements, presumably from a 1980s issue of National Geographic. If you are the author of that particular website, please contact the author.

Air New Zealand advertisement titled: ‘Flying ahead!’, from the 1980s, showing a Boeing 767 and describing where it will be flying.

How to guess it?

Check the title of one of the paragraphs. “Southern Cross” already revealed that it was an airline in the Pacific. This already eliminates a lot of airlines. It could be, say Qantas, Air New Zealand, and, at the limit, Air Pacific, Polynesian, etc. Also, a deliberate information that was not hidden in the text. “Trans-Tasman” services. Still blurry. Could it be Qantas?

But the most obvious clues were the font in which the number 767 was written in. No, it’s not the Boeing font. Look closer. Finally, for the rare people who saw the slogan and remember it… “Flying ahead!”. This was a tough one.


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