Guess The Airline – October 2000 answer

Every month, an airline printed advertisement, minus airline name and logo, is displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. The following is the answer to a previous game.

Not many people dared to Guess The Airline behind this advertisement. Only two guessed correctly anyway! With not many clues here, how many answers can you think of? By the way, you may be interested to know this was the first advertisement to be part of my small collection of airline magazine advertisements. It was taken from a travel brochure published by the British Tourist Authority (BTA) from the early 1990s.

Air Canada advertisement titled: 'Handle with care', from the year 1993, showing a mother holding a little girl in her arms.

How to guess it?

Only a couple of carefully placed clues can tell you the airline behind this advertisement. The first one is the names of the classes of service. Sure, very vague! Do you know many airlines calling their First Class simply “First Class”… and airlines calling their Business Class an “Executive Class”? The airlines use more fancy names nowadays. Another clue? There’s the Chauffeur Drive service for these fortunate passengers. Also, check the destinations. This doesn’t sound like a British airline. It flies to Glasgow, London, and Manchester, which are obviously not hubs but destinations. A final minor clue is the non-smoking flights. With these clues, someone managed to guess… Air Canada!


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