Guess The Airline – April/May 2002 answer

Every month, an airline printed advertisement, minus airline name and logo, is displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. The following is the answer to a previous game.

For the first time ever on, we featured two airline advertisements for the price of once. Twice the occasion to Guess The Airline even though both advertisements were (obviously) from the same airline. Ready? Scroll down! The following were magazine ads featured in this airline’s inflight magazine.

Lauda Air advertisement from the 1990s featuring a smiling flight attendant, promoting Vienna-Orlando flights.
Lauda Air advertisement from the 1990s featuring a saluting flight attendant promoting the airline's website.

How to guess it?

The mistake many people did, once again, was to see the city advertised in the first advertisement (Orlando) as this airline’s hub, when in fact, it was a destination! At the same time, they overlooked the second advertisement advertising “Online Tickets”. Erroneously, this lead many people to submit Air Florida or Miami Air, even though the first airline folded in 1984, long before the first attempts from an airline to sell tickets on the WWW… and Miami Air never attempted such experience, to our knowledge.

No, the thing to look for was the graphic design of the advertisement, and particularly the uniform. Yes, this is the one and only uniform of colorful Lauda Air from Austria.


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