Air France – Le Passage (Fly-by)

This 2000 commercial, directed by Michel Gondry, is one of my favorite of all time, even if it could advertise just about any airline in the world! In many of life’s little scenes, an airplane flies by. Whether it is through the ring formed by the fingers of a young lady meditating, or the path followed by a father cleaning the windows of a car, or simply the text on a laptop computer, and the plane acting almost like the cursor… You have to see it to understand what is so special about this plane, flying under the soothing voice of Hope Sandoval in “Asleep From Day” by the Chemical Brothers. On English versions of this ad, the slogan was originally translated as “Making the sky the best place on Earth”, but later, the airline used a more bland version: “One of the best places on Earth.” This author prefers the former.


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