Guess The Airline – April 2006 answer

Every month, an airline printed advertisement, minus airline name and logo, is displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. The following is the answer to a previous game.

It wasn’t as easy as last time, in despite of many interesting clues. But, see for yourself! Once again, this was an advertisement published in a National Geographic magazine issue of the early 1970s Ready? Scroll down!

Braniff International Airways advertisement titled: 'Hawaii on $11 a day', from the 1970s, featuring a couple in a tropical environment.

How to guess it?

Some of the “dead giveaways”, as some participants have stated, are the mention of “747 ___ Place” in the text. The ad campaigns of this airline showcasing the Boeing 747 fleet always mentioned that this was “The Most Exclusive Address In The Sky.” Also, to all those who gave the names of other potential Boeing 747 operators in the United States, I replied that they didn’t fly a 747 from Dallas to Hawaii.


Correct answers: 70% | Wrong answers: 30% | Most submitted wrong answer: American (13%) | Other answers submitted: America West, Continental, Copa, Delta, Hawaiian, Northwest, Pan Am.


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