Frontier Airlines – Five commercials

Five hilarious Frontier Airlines commercials from the mid-2000s from their “Whole Different Animal” campaign.

Fun in the Sun

Flip the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin is daydreaming again of some warm weather. Unfortunately, he is stuck doing the dreaded Chicago run!


Another witty discussion between Jack the Rabbit and Larry the Lynx about DIRECTV… and why not letting passengers watch TV in the same outfit they would use at home: their underwear!


Grizwald the Bear is counting his miles… and is being pestered by Larry the Lynx, on this commercial promoting EarlyReturns, Frontier’s frequent flyer program.


Joe, Jim, Jay & Gary are a barbershop quartet of penguins, promoting EarlyReturns under the tune of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain”.


Jack the Rabbit is in for a nice clean-up. A little too deep of a clean-up, he might say! “You missed a spot, Chief! Theeere you go!”


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