Alaska Airlines – Six commercials

Six hilarious Alaska Airlines commercials from the 1980s. They all come from a board game called “Commercial Crazies” and were directed by Joe Sedelmaier.

Automated service

“Hi, I’m your talking ticket! Do you have baggage?” Twenty years later, this is not what self-service check-in looks like but this commercial is nevertheless quite humorous in its predictions!


In an era when airlines have cut down on meal service and sometimes even charge for it, it’s good to remember than in 1985, this airline took pride in serving lavish meals instead of a “banquet on a bun”, for instance.


The competition looks so gullible in this commercial about employees coping with mountains of mail from angry passengers…

Ruined business trip

“Nothing can ruin a business trip like a bad flight.” Just watch how bad this flight really is and how tired the poor businessman looks…

Sky High Airlines

The airline commercial that doesn’t deliver its promises. Have fun being offered lobster, champagne and even a fake lei…

Winter Cook-Out

Barbecue in the middle of the winter? Indoors golf? And the weirdest tanning salon you’ve probably seen on TV? Just watch.


One thought on “Alaska Airlines – Six commercials”

  1. Although Alaska did offer amazing commercials like these in the 80’s . . . . since 9/11, no airline could or would do the same. However, this airline is still the premiere airline in the U.S. The producer Joe and Alaska have always been levels above their competitors.

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