Aerolineas – History

In this emotional commercial from the early 2000s, Aerolineas Argentinas relives many important moments. It concludes that, after being on the verge of ceasing operations permanently, it’s back to life (following its acquisition by Grupo Marsans). Thanks to an visitor, Mariano, here is a list of the historical moments:

  • Argentina being “the biggest barn in the world”
  • the immigration in Argentina, particularly after WWII
  • Pepe Biondi, renowned Argentine comedian
  • the new aircraft (Boeing 707, Boeing 737-200, de Havilland Comet 4)
  • the Buenos Aires province floods of 1983
  • Oscar Bonavena (boxer), Juan Manuel Fangio(F1 racer), Guillermo Vilas (tennis player), Carlos Monzón (boxer)
  • Jorge Luis Borges, renowned writer and César Milstein, Physiology or Medicine Nobel Prize 1984
  • the exchange rate of the US Dollar being favorable to Argentines, who would go to Miami to buy “videogames, teddies, etc.” and always “take two”
  • the soldiers coming home after the Falklands War of 1982
  • Diego Maradona at the Mexico Soccer World Cup of 1986, who was welcomed home “as a god”

“Aerolineas Argentinas/Austral is back. And so is the willingness to bring Argentina where it’s supposed to be.”


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