AeroPeru – Song

In 1998, AeroPeru changed its tagline to “Alas Latinoamericanas” (“Latin American wings”) and released this ad, showcasing once again a unique Peruvian and, by extension, Latin American pride. The result is emotional and full of hope. Alas, the airline went out of business a year later and this turned out to be their very last commercial. Domestic versions of the commercial (like the one showed here) began with this scrolling message:

“Uniting all Peruvians and Latin Americans by flying all around Peru and all around the continent. A commitment that we live up to, as we remember this song dedicated to Latin America:

The sun rises over the sea and over another sea it will hide
Over this great and beautiful land of ours
Brothers, we are Latinos, we have ardent blood, our souls are different
Latin America is unique, a single sky unites us
AeroPeru, Latin American Wings, AeroPeru!”

(Pedro R. contributed to this translation)


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