Quiz – Defunct airlines #2

Ten questions about airlines that are no longer in business in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

British Caledonian Boeing 707 at Gatwick Airpo...
Image via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Which airline was formed by the merger of Caledonian Airways and Flying Colours?
    A. Air Britain
    B. British Caledonian
    C. JMC Air
    D. Thomas Cook Airways
  2. Which airline, operating Fokker F.28s in the 1980s, had a hub in Utica-Rome, NY and later in Syracuse, NY?
    A. Allegheny Airlines
    B. Air Oneida
    C. Altair Airlines
    D. Empire Airlines
  3. Which low-cost subsidiary of KLM uk started operations in 2000 on BAe-146 aircraft and was acquired by Ryanair in 2003?
    A. AB Airlines
    B. Buzz
    C. easyJet
    D. Go Fly
  4. Which Caribbean airline had a color scheme with the national musical instrument on a solid turquoise background?
    A. Air Jamaica
    B. BWIA
    C. Cayman Airways
    D. Cubana de Aviacion
  5. True or False: Astrud Gilberto sang for many Eastern Airlines television commercials
    A. True
    B. False
  6. Which Belgian airline was in business between 1996 and 2001 and operated Sabena’s MD-11 flights?
    A. American Airlines
    B. British Airways
    C. CityBird
    D. Swissair
  7. Which airport was Western Pacific’s first hub?
    A. Aspen
    B. Colorado Springs
    C. Denver International Airport
    D. Eagle County
  8. Which short-lived airline (1997-1999) was based at Long Beach Airport?
    A. Air America
    B. Long Beach Jet Express
    C. Royal Airways
    D. WinAir
  9. Which now defunct airline used IATA code “RC”?
    A. Air America
    B. Hughes Airwest
    C. Republic Airlines
    D. Southern
  10. You probably know that BEA and BOAC merged to form British Airways. Please identify from which of the two airlines BA inherited its two-letter code “BA” and its callsign “Speedbird”.
    A. BEA
    B. BOAC

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – Defunct airlines #2


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