Quiz – Medley #1

Ten questions about many aviation topics such as the 747, the Convair 880, the Wright Amendment, and more.

El Al operated Boeing 747-200's between the 19...
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  1. What is the name of a Boeing 747-200 with a -300 series upper lounge?
    A. Boeing 747-200 SD
    B. Boeing 747-200 SCD
    C. Boeing 747-200 SUD
    D. A 747 with a larger hump
  2. In 1973, the first A300B1 to be painted in airline colors (F-WUAC) sported a dual color scheme: one airline on the port side, and the other on the starboard side. What were those two airlines?
    A. Air France and Iberia
    B. Air France and British Airways
    C. Air France and Lufthansa
    D. Air France and Air Inter
  3. Which airline asked, and obtained permission from Rolls Royce to call its Canadair CL-44s “Rolls Royce 400s”?
    A. Air Canada
    B. Flugfélag Íslands
    C. Loftleiðir
    D. Sabena
  4. Product placement is very frequent in the movies, and this includes the airlines. Which airline does the McCallister family fly on both Home Alone and Home Alone 2?
    A. Air Canada
    B. American Airlines
    C. Northwest
    D. United
  5. Where does the number 880 in Convair 880 come from?
    A. 880 planes were expected to be built
    B. It was Howard Hughes’ lucky number
    C. Speed of 880 miles per hour
    D. Speed of 880 feet per second
  6. Which airline once had the slogan “When you got it, flaunt it”?
    A. American Airlines
    B. Braniff International
    C. Continental Airlines
    D. Pan Am
  7. True or false: The Wright Amendment, governing air travel to and from Dallas Love Field, was named after the Wright brothers.
    A. True
    B. False
  8. Which airline, operator of DC-8s and 727s, was acquired into American Airlines in 1971?
    A. Flying Tigers
    B. Global International Airways
    C. Seaboard World Airlines
    D. Trans Caribbean Airways
  9. CAE Electronics is a Canadian company known around the world for its…
    A. Hydraulic fluid
    B. Landing gears
    C. Reservation systems
    D. Flight simulators
  10. What was the flight number of the Indian Airlines Airbus A300 that was hijacked on a Kathmandu-Delhi flight on December 24, 1999?
    A. IC800
    B. IC810
    C. IC814
    D. IC820

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – Medley #1


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