Quiz – Pan Am

Ten questions about Pan American World Airways (1927-1991): its founder, its fleet, its history, etc.

Pan Am 747-121. Most of its parts have been re...
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  1. Who is generally considered as the “father” and founder of what would later become Pan American World Airways?
    A. Herb Kelleher
    B. Juan Trippe
    C. T. E. Braniff
    D. Donald Trump
  2. True or False: The “father” of Pan Am (see previous question) started his experience in aviation by creating the first air club at Yale University.
    A. True
    B. False
  3. What was Pan Am’s radio callsign?
    A. Clipper
    B. Ferry
    C. Galleon
    D. Pan Am
  4. Which aircraft was used by Pan Am later in the seventies for non-stop trans-Pacific routes?
    A. Boeing 747-400
    B. Boeing 747SR
    C. Boeing 747SP
    D. Airbus A300
  5. One of the sad moments in Pan Am’s history was the Lockerbie bombing on December 21, 1988. What was the christened name of the 747 involved in the crash?
    A. Clipper Spark of the Ocean
    B. Clipper Victor
    C. Clipper Goodwill
    D. Clipper Maid of the Seas
  6. What is the major event in Pan Am’s history that took place on October 26, 1958?
    A. Oldest passenger on board
    B. First regular trans-Atlantic jet service
    C. First female pilot on regular flight
    D. First male flight attendant on regular flight
  7. In the eighties, it was the beginning of the end for Pan Am. The airline sold its trans-Pacific routes and part of its fleet to another U.S. airline. Which one?
    A. American
    B. Northwest
    C. TWA
    D. United
  8. Which aircraft, built by Boeing and introduced in 1947, was widely used by Pan Am on trans-Atlantic routes?
    A. 707
    B. Constellation
    C. Stratoliner
    D. Stratocruiser
  9. What was the name of Pan Am’s subsidiary in South America, based in Peru?
    A. Panagra
    B. South American Airways
    C. Pam Am Bridge
    D. Panair
  10. A Venezuelan airline wore a color scheme similar to Pan Am’s final color scheme and even its old logo. What was its airline?
    A. Viasa
    B. Avensa
    C. Aeropostal
    D. LAV

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – Pan Am


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