Air Liberté – Flight attendant

Two One funny commercials from 1999 portraying a bubbly and mischevious flight attendant. Air Liberté was a former British Airways franchise that merged with AOM to become Air Lib, an airline now out of business.

Safety demo

In this commercial, it all starts as an usual safety demonstration before take-off. Then, whoops! The different failures of your fictitious nightmare airline are announced and demonstrated by the flight attendants!

Business Class

From the airline that showed you the true meaning of a safety demonstration, here’s again our bubbly flight attendant who, after a passenger shows him a boarding pass clearly marked as “Business Class fare”, makes fun of what you really get for that price on some intra-Europe flights with the competition.

“It’s time a domestic airline not only charges you for Business Class but actually delivers it. Air Liberté’s Club Liberté Class: There’s No Better Choice.”


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