Quiz – South African Airways

Ten questions about South African Airways: its logo, its subsidiaries, its history, its fleet, etc.

South African Airways
Image by Xevi V via Flickr
  1. What is the name of South African’s former logotype and current radio callsign?
    A. Aardvark
    B. High Flyer
    C. Springbok
    D. Herder
  2. Which low-fare airline did South African start in 2006?
    A. Kulula.com
    B. Mango
    C. 1Time
    D. South African Express
  3. Which airline did South African own by 49% between 2002 and 2006?
    A. Air Namibia
    B. Air Tanzania
    C. Ethiopian Airlines
    D. Kenya Airways
  4. What is the name of South African’s inflight magazine?
    A. Jambo
    B. Sawubona
    C. Ebede
    D. Mhoroi
  5. Two former South African Boeing 747 aircraft (a -200 and an SP) are currently exhibited at a South African airport. Which one?
    A. AFB Waterkloof
    B. Lanseria Airport
    C. O.R. Tambo International Airport
    D. Rand Airport
  6. As of 2009, what is South African’s longest non-stop flight route?
    A. New York – Cape Town
    B. Washington – Johannesburg
    C. Los Angeles – Cape Town
    D. Atlanta – Johannesburg
  7. True or false: during apartheid, South African had to use a Boeing 747 SP on such routes as Johannesburg-London due to the refusal by several nations to let South African planes overfly their territory.
    A. True
    B. False
  8. Tragedy struck South African when one of its Boeing 747 aircraft went down near Mauritius on November 28, 1988, killing all 159 passengers and crew. What was the name of the aircraft?
    A. Helderberg
    B. Swatburg
    C. Maluti
    D. Majuba
  9. South African’s hub is currently O.R. Tambo International Airport. Under what name was the airport known between 1952 and 1994?
    A. Johannesburg International Airport
    B. Daniel François Malan Airport
    C. Jan Smuts Airport
    D. Louis Botha Airport
  10. Which alliance does South African belong to?
    A. oneworld
    B. Skyteam
    C. Star Alliance

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – South African Airways


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