Quiz – British Airways

British Airways tailfin

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  1. What is British Airways’ slogan since 2007?
    A. “We’ll Take More Care of You”
    B. “The World’s Favourite Airline”
    C. “Upgrade to British Airways”
    D. “Your Vacation Starts Here”
  2. Which song from the opera Lakmé, and also known as The Flower Duet, was for many years BA’s signature song, being featured on many TV commercials?
    A. Viens, Mallika, les lianes en fleurs…
    B. Viens dans la forêt profonde
    C. Viens! Là! Là!
    D. D’où viens-tu? Que veux-tu?
  3. British Airways announced an upcoming all-business class route from London to New York via Shannon on an Airbus A318. Which London airport will this route operate from?
    A. Heathrow
    B. Gatwick
    C. Stansted
    D. City
  4. Which former British Airways franchise merged with AOM in 2001 and ceased operations shortly afterwards?
    A. Aéris
    B. Air Liberté
    C. Air Littoral
    D. Euralair
  5. In 2009, OpenSkies, a British Airways subsidiary, merged with another all-business class airline operating across the Atlantic and now the name’s ownership was transferred to the newly acquired airline. What is the name of this airline?
    A. L’Avion
    B. MAXjet
    C. Eos Airlines
  6. What was the route of British Airways’ inaugural supersonic service on the Concorde on January 21, 1976?
    A. London – New York
    B. London – Bahrain
    C. London – Bridgetown
    D. London – Washington
  7. True or false: British Airways is one of the founding members of the Oneworld Alliance.
    A. True
    B. False
  8. What was the name of British Airways’ low-cost subsidiary that operated from 1998 to 2002?
    A. AB Airlines
    B. Buzz
    C. easyJet
    D. Go Fly
  9. British Airways flight 9 was involved in a rare incident in 1982. All of the Boeing 747’s engines mysteriously stopped. The aircraft landed safely in Jakarta. What caused the engines to stop?
    A. Excessive rain
    B. Volcanic ash
    C. Fuel starvation
    D. Bird strike
  10. What is the name of British Airways’ inflight magazine?
    A. High Style
    B. High Flag
    C. High Life
    D. High Speed

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – British Airways

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