Iberia – Monovolumen

Five Spanish-language artists (Michili, Sara Da Pin Up, Nerviozzo, L.E. Flaco and Luna, in order of appearance) join together in this fascinating rap encouraging young people to travel, to discover the world and to let go of routine.

“Think about it, about tomorrow
Before you know it, there’s the job
The wife and kids and the in-laws
When you thought you were on, you’re offed
It’s time, get carried away
Casual things matter, let your dreams flutter!
New, bad or good, smart, absurd or misunderstood
Watch how your world is a whole lot closer
It’s time to relax, no doubt about that
Each of my journeys is a new story
Even if I’m broke, I won’t choke
I’ll start even though it’s hard
And if they ask why I’m here, I’ll answer without fear
Through my eyes it’s all now clear
I finally see what was all… so near.”

“Be someone on Iberia.”

(this freestyle translation written by yours truly)


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