Quiz – Airbus

Ten questions about Airbus: its founding countries, its first aircraft (the A300), its customers, its newest aircraft (the A380)…

Airbus A380 taking off during Paris Air Show 2007
Image via Wikipedia
  1. Which of the following countries was NOT a founding member of Airbus?
    A. France
    B. Belgium
    C. Germany
  2. Only two Airbus A300B1 aircraft were built. Only one of them entered revenue service, the other one being a prototype. Which now defunct airline operated it for over 25 years?
    A. Pan Am
    B. Sabena
    C. Swissair
    D. Trans European Airways
  3. Which airline took delivery in 2007 of the last A300 aircraft to be built?
    A. FedEx
    B. UPS
    C. DHL
    D. American Airlines
  4. As of July 2009, which airline has ordered the largest number of A380 aircraft?
    A. Air France
    B. Emirates
    C. Qantas
    D. Singapore Airlines
  5. Which aircraft callsign suffix does the ICAO recommend for usage with the Airbus A380? (Example: Singapore Airlines flight 380 would become Singapore 380 ___).
    A. Heavy (as usual)
    B. Jumbo
    C. Super
    D. Mega
  6. As of May 2009, which airline is the world’s largest operator of the family of A320 aircraft?
    A. Air France
    B. easyJet
    C. JetBlue
    D. US Airways
  7. True or false: the Airbus A320 is the first airliner equipped with a full digital fly-by-wire flight control system.
    A. True
    B. False
  8. Which German airport is located on the grounds of an Airbus plant?
    A. Schönefeld
    B. Finkenwerder
    C. Bremen
    D. Frankfurt-Hahn
  9. An Airbus A300 operated on behalf of DHL was involved in a succesful emergency landing following complete loss of hydraulic systems following a ground-to-air attack. At which airport did this incident occur?
    A. Kabul
    B. Tehran
    C. Baghdad
    D. Kandahar
  10. In which country did Airbus inaugurate its first assembly line outside of Europe in September 2008?
    A. India
    B. Japan
    C. People’s Republic of China
    D. Canada

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – Airbus


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