Garuda Indonesia – Tanah Airku

Here are four commercials from the early 1990s, probably from the same ad campaign, featuring the same patriotic song.

Flyin’ around Indonesia

Combining the notion of flying in a comfortable way, this masterpiece shows, a little like a sightseeing tour, images of Indonesia, the “natural” way: the rice fields, the fishing beaches, a feast, etc… The morphing between them is excellent. And all of this is shown under the sound of a jetplane, along with the usual sounds in the passenger cabin and the cockpit (“Good evening, flight GA899, you are cleared for take-off”, “This is Kathy, your stewardess in First Class”) Overall, a very tempting invitation to see all these landscape by ourselves.

Generations ahead

The Indonesian culture is very present in this ad, in the long run of highly colorful commercials from “the airline of Indonesia”. This time, we are presented a beautiful yet sometimes confusing analogy between the different generations and the young fleet of Garuda. It starts with an elderly woman and a 747-400 in the sky… then on to younger people and supposedly younger planes… with a baby and an A300 at the end of the video. A soft instrumental version of Ibu Soed’s “Tanah Airku” (“Motherland”), a patriotic Indonesian song, plays in the background.


Another ad with an Indonesia flavor and just the right touch of patriotism, with a young boy singing patriotic song “Tanah Airku” (“Motherland”) by Ibu Soed. Even though airline maintenance is shown, this is an ad both about a country and its airline. For a translation of the lyrics (in broken English but still understandable), visit the Free to say blog.


Another ad with “Tanah Airku” (“Motherland”) in the background, this time showing a very diverse view of Indonesia, along with a narration showcasing the impressive number of islands of Indonesia and promoting the airline to get you there.


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