TAM – Signatures campaign

TAM, Brazil’s largest airline, started a campaign titled “Passion to fly and to serve”, featuring its employees, from front-line staff to the president himself, signing a commitment towards offering superior service to their clients. Jose P., long-time visitor, contributed to the translations.

All the signatures

This ad features more than one signature, and an impressive Boeing 777 at the end!

“When someone signs a commitment, it means you can trust it. Now, imagine over 22,000 people signing together. Over 30 years ago, when we first started, we were more than just an airline. We were a company of pilots, dedicated in making our mark in service excellence. That mark is not just our logo. It’s the trademark of a mission. And our signature confirms this commitment.”


This is how this pleasant-looking flight attendant greets you in her workplace: an Airbus A330 aircraft:

“My name is Lee. I’m a flight attendant for TAM. I ensure that you receive dedicated and superior service from the moment you board. Like all those who work here, and who are passionate about what they do, I made a commitment towards TAM: to maintain a serviable spirit at your disposal. My signature confirms this commitment.”

Antonio Carlos Gabrielli

The gentleman proudly showcases online and self-service check-in (litterally known in Portuguese as “easy check-in booths”)

“I’m Antonio Carlos Gabrielli, customer relations manager at TAM. Since 1972, we work hard to make your life easier. That’s why we provide online and self-serve check-in. In less than a year, they helped over 2 1/2 million people. I made a commitment towards TAM: to do my best so that you have a pleasant journey. My signature confirms this commitment.”

Edna Cruz

While the seatbacks seem to be very bland and white, the inflight entertainment system, magazines and lavish meals are anything but bland!

“I’m Edna Cruz, manager of inflight services and entertainment at TAM. We redesigned everything. We offer over 500 new dishes by international chefs, new cabins and new audio and video selections. I made a commitment towards TAM: to always be there for you, ready to serve you. My signature confirms this commitment.”

Ruy Amparo

Even the people who are not in the front line have a very important role to ensure the peace of mind of their passengers, as this employee proudly says.

“I’m Ruy Amparo, vice-president of maintenance at TAM. My highly qualified team ensures that our aircraft operate smoothly. We check every part of our planes because for us, your journey starts well before take-off. I made a commitment towards TAM: to ensure your peace of mind on your flight. My signature confirms this commitment.”

Marcus Navi

Handling packages from all around a world in a timely manner is a priority, says this employee.

“I’m Marcus Navi of TAM Cargo. I ensure that your parcel gets quickly to one of our 4,000 destinations in Brazil and the world. So, we offer a variety of dedicated solutions to always fit your needs efficiently. At TAM, we made a commitment: to get it there for you on time. My signature confirms this commitment.”

David Barioni Neto

Surprising, isn’t it? An airline president who still flies in the left seat once in a while, and who signs a commitment, just like his employees.

“I’m Captain David Barioni Neto, president of TAM, the only Brazilian airline founded by pilots. I’ve flown many aircraft and I still do today, because flying is my passion, as it is for TAM. I made a commitment: to reach for excellence every day. That’s what a great company does, thanks to people dedicated to doing better every day and with a serviable spirit. My signature confirms this commitment.”


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