Quiz – ANA and JAL

Ten questions about ANA and Japan Airlines: their slogan, their first routes, their historic and current fleet, their advertising…

B747@Itami Airport 2006.3.29-05
Image by double-h via Flickr
  1. As of 2009, what is JAL’s slogan?
    A. “Dream Skyward”
    B. “Dreams On Wings”
    C. “We Can Be Your Wings”
    D. “Yes JAL!”
  2. ANA started as a domestic airline. What was their first international destination in 1986?
    A. Washington, DC
    B. Los Angeles
    C. Honolulu
    D. Guam
  3. Until their retirement in 2004, MD-11 aircraft on JAL had a particular name and depicted an endangered bird species on the winglets. What was the particular name?
    A. J-Wing
    B. J-Bird
    C. J-Way
    D. J-Sky
  4. Which ANA subsidiary is based at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya?
    A. Air Central
    B. Air Japan
    C. Air Next
    D. Air Nippon
  5. What is the name of JAL’s inflight entertainment system?
    A. enRoute
    B. StudioJL
    C. MAGIC
    D. on:J
  6. What is the name of ANA’s business class?
    A. Club ANA
    B. Club Empress
    C. Club Premiere
    D. Club World
  7. True or false: JAL once had the world’s largest Boeing 747 fleet.
    A. True
    B. False
  8. Which aircraft type did ANA retire in 2008, after 10 years of service, and after being the only airline in the country to operate that type?
    A. Airbus A320
    B. Airbus A321
    C. Boeing 727-200
    D. Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
  9. In 2007, a special discount given on JAL domestic flight reservations made in advance was promoted on a commercial featuring actress Aibu Saki. What is the name of this discount?
    A. Kaisuken
    B. Sakitoku
    C. Tokubin
    D. Otomo de mairu
  10. What was ANA’s first jet engine aircraft, entering service in 1964?
    A. McDonnell Douglas DC-8
    B. Boeing 707
    C. Boeing 727

You will find the answers on this handy answer sheet: Quiz – ANA and JAL


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