Faucett Peru – Peruvians like you

Two commercials from defunct airline Faucett Peru, with a catchy jingle where the airline says it employs “Peruvians like you”.


This simple commercial showcases the maintenance service that take care of a fleet of bright orange Boeing 727s and DC-8s, as well as a few images of “the white city” of Arequipa. At 60 years of age, Faucett touts itself to be a truly Peruvian airline.

“Faucett Peru, Peruvians like you
Working for you and with you
Faucett Peru, Peruvians like you
Every detail is always different
And every journey is always excellent
That’s how I see Faucett is right for me
Faucett Peru, Peruvians like you!”

Station Manager

Another “truly Peruvian airline” commercial, showing this time check-in and onboard service, with a few images of the Amazon river’s scenery.


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