Germanwings – Two commercials

Here are two commercials from low-fare airline Germanwings, “your wings”.


The camera view of this commercial is very interesting. From the flight deck all the way to the aft cabin. Very simple and straight to the point with a captivating soundtrack that, apparently, was custom-made for the commercial. By the way, notice a couple about to join the mile-high club in the lavatory!

“Germanwings: Your Wings to all of Europe. On business or pleasure, for as little as 19 Euros. Book now at Germanwings: Your Wings.”

October Revolution

The commercial starts with the formation of planes from the previous commercial… but surprisingly, it’s the Soviet (or new Russian) national anthem that starts playing! This is to promote such destinations as Moscow and St. Petersburg at low fares for the month of October, in a promotion called “October Revolution”, in reference to the Soviet revolution of 1917.

“It’s October Revolution at Germanwings. Lordly comfort at class-struggle prices, with non-stops to major cities, leather seats and frequent flyer program Boomerang Club. Starting at the revolutionary price of 19 Euros. Book now at Germanwings: Your Wings.”


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