Canadian Airlines – Signatures

Two commercials from Canadian Airlines showcasing employees signing a commitment towards their airline.

Signatures on a DC-10

Signatures can mean many things, as indicated on the starting narration of this ad. In this case, it represents that the airline is employee owned, as shown through the signatures of several employees on a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 aircraft (registration: C-FCRE). It is full of hope for the airline whose English slogan was “The Dawn of Civilized Air Travel” and then “Building a Better Airline.”

Signatures on a 747

Another ad featuring an aircraft covered with employee signatures, although different in style from the previous one, featuring its new Business Class called Club Empress, and touting its variety of destinations around the world.

“When Canadian Airlines employees sign, they mark their commitment. A commitment in building a better airline, with more flights to Asia, Latin America and the US. An airline that launches Club Empress, a more comfortable way of getting there. Because to move ahead, we have to keep going further.”

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