Quiz – Northwest Airlines

Ten questions about Northwest Airlines: its slogan, its fleet, its destinations, etc.

Airbus A330, a new aircraft introduced in 1994

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This is a quiz about Northwest Airlines, a major U.S. airline that merged with Delta Air Lines in 2010.

When did Northwest Airlines adopt its final logo, consisting of a compass and the letters “nwa”?
The other three years are milestones. Northwest Orient became Northwest in 1986 (see next question), adopted a new logo in 1989, and the merger with Delta was approved in late 2008. (Source: Wikipedia)

Northwest Orient Airlines became Northwest Airlines in 1986, reverting to its original name. This change coincided with a major event for the airline. Which one?
50th anniversary
Merger with Republic Airlines
Republic Airlines was itself born out of the merger of two airlines: North Central and Southern. As a result of the merger, Northwest inherited domestic hubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit and Memphis. (Source: Wikipedia)
Inaugural flight to China
Initial public offering
In which city did Northwest maintain a large hub operation, the largest of its kind for a U.S. carrier?
Northwest Airlines also operated a foreign hub in Amsterdam, to connect with partner KLM flights. (Source: Northwest and Wikipedia)
What was the name of Northwest Airlines’ frequent flyer program?
WorldPerks merged with Delta SkyMiles. World Pass was the name of Pan Am’s program and World Traveller is the name of the economy class on British Airways long-haul flights. (Source: Pan Am and British Airways)
Which of the following cities was not part of Northwest’s list of destinations (on its own aircraft) in the early 1980s?
Surprising, isn’t it? Later, the situation was reversed, Northwest started flying to Amsterdam and made it a foreign hub. Meanwhile, it had stopped flying to Scandinavia. (Source: DepartedFlights.com)
Which of the following was not a Northwest Airlines slogan?
“First Again”
“The Proud Bird With The Red Tail”
That slogan belonged to Continental Airlines in the 1960s and actually read: ‘The Proud Bird with the GOLDEN Tail’. (Source: personal collection and Wikipedia)
“Some People Just Know How to Fly”
“Now You’re Flying Smart”
True or false: Northwest Airlines was the last U.S. airline to operate the DC-10 when it was retired in 2007.
DC-10 aircraft flew in the colors of Northwest Airlines for over 30 years. As a matter of fact, McDonnell-Douglas built the DC-10-40 version specially for Northwest specifications. (Source: Widebody Aircraft Parade and Wikipedia)
Which airline alliance did Northwest join in the late 1990s?
Star Alliance
Wings Alliance
Wings Alliance was actually another name for the KLM/Northwest alliance which failed to include other airlines. Both airlines eventually joined SkyTeam. (Source: Wikipedia)
Northwest Airlines flight 253 was the target of a failed bombing attempt on December 25, 2009. What was the route of the flight in question?
Amsterdam – Detroit
The other three choices were actual routes targeted by bombings that failed to down the aircraft or where the bomb failed to detonate. (Source: Aviation Safety Network)
Tokyo – Honolulu
Paris – Miami
Rome – Athens
Northwest Airlines flight 255 (yes, two digits above) crashed on take-off from Detroit Metro Airport, killing all but one of the passengers. What was the cause of the accident per the NTSB report?
Weight imbalance
Improper take-off configuration
According to the Cockpit Voice Recorder, the crew omitted to verify the flaps and slats settings and the take-off configuration warning did not alert them of this. (Source: Wikipedia and Mayday: Air Crash Investigation).
Contaminated hydraulic fluid

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