Airline food memories

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Today marks the 21st anniversary of my arrival in Canada, and I still remember the fancy-looking hors-d’oeuvres they served on the plane.  The fussy 7-year-old that I was loved them. And shortly before touchdown at Montreal Mirabel Airport, we were given candy. The thing is: that was a short 1-hour flight from New York and we were flying economy class.

While this sort of service would be unimaginable in 2010, to me, eating on an airplane is still an adventure each time. I love the little touches such as the packs of salt and pepper with the airline’s logo, the flight attendants tone of voice when they ask “beef or chicken?”, not to forget the now famous “coffee, tea or milk?” (My answer at age 7 was: “chocolate milk?”)

Before, you expected an airline to feed you, no matter how long the flight was. Today, I consider myself lucky if the airline serves a meal, let alone a snack. And I consider myself even luckier when the meat is tender, the sauce is tasty, the salad is fresh and the dessert is deliciously sweet. Like the danish they served with my breakfast on the Miami–New York leg of that flight 21 years ago. For years, I associated danishes with airplanes…

And you… do you have memories about great (or not-so-great) airline meals?


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