Cathay Pacific – A kind of magic

One 60-second commercial and three 15-second commercials from 2000, showcasing simple facts about the airline. The final jingle is inspired by a song by Queen, “It’s a kind of magic.”

Same Dream, Same Team

This delightful ad shows the several steps it takes to get a flight in the air, crew on duty, and off duty, together with people all over Hong Kong. Watch it and listen to the extended version of the jingle.


Simple, but straight to the point in showing how good the airline feels. A lady is watching a comic show, a man is eating noodles while watching something more captivating, a child is eating a yogurt while watching probably a cartoon, and a young man is listening to rock music.


The Wing is one of Cathay Pacific’s lounges at Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport. In this ad, someone seems to be quite happy, by singing “La donna è mobile” from the opera Rigoletto while taking a shower…


Cathay Pacific boasts its young fleet… but regrettably only shows us a Boeing 747-400 and two smiling ramp staff members. Their friendly reaction to the camera is nevertheless adorable.


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