Guess what came with my pizza tonight

Your pizza's utensils, compliments of Air Canada?

I called a new local restaurant to order delivery pizza with a side of poutine. The staff was friendly, the pizza was delicious. But, I got quite an unexpected surprise with my meal, in the form of a disposable utensils pack.

First of all, what really brought my attention was the fact that the napkin was orange. Then, I realized it had a logo on it. I looked closer and… behold, Air Canada?!

Airline salt and pepper have expiry dates too.

What’s more, the salt and pepper packs were written in Portuguese. Imagine… that pack was probably included with an inflight meal on a flight from Sao Paulo to Toronto. How did it make its way to a pizzeria in Montreal? And since when?

That’s the unsettling part. I looked at the packs a little closer and they expired in December 2006 and February 2007… Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Guess what came with my pizza tonight”

  1. to cut costs or to lower costs I guess the pizzeria bought these airline items from the vendor that supply the airlines. I think the utensils are old stock that instead for the vendor to throw it in the trash they just sold it for cheap.

    1. @Darwin: That’s possible, but the salt and pepper packs were in Brazilian Portuguese. That looks like it was packed by a catering company in Brazil, but the pizzeria is in Canada.

  2. AWwww.. Some times it happen. but basically many raturants using expired stuff in meals.. i am wondering how this could be resolved!

  3. I am beginning to think that the word “Pizza” has another definition not included in dictionaries!

    Or maybe it is due to a mishap in a time machine!

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