Spanair passengers get a surprise from Santa Claus

A few days ago, Spanair made a wonderful surprise to some of its littlest passengers on a routine domestic flight. I can only put myself in these children’s shoes and try to remember what it felt like to still believe in Santa Claus and think: wow, that sure would have made my day. I love their reaction (at 0:49) when the flight attendant announces that they just “flew by Santa Claus himself”. It almost makes me want to believe in Santa Claus again. (For about a second!)

I was informed of this year’s video by none other than a nice lady from the media company behind this campaign, who noticed my post about last year’s Spanair video. (Thank you, Coque P.!) I guess this means I’ll have to watch closely for next year’s video! What will Spanair think of next?


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