Guess The Airline – February 2014 game

Every month since December 1999, an airline printed advertisement was displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. This month’s game will be the last.

Imagine: it all started with a suggestion from a visitor like you. What was supposed to be a special feature for a couple of months became a regular monthly challenge for me (finding ads, cropping them, retouching them…) and for you (guessing them… and sometimes providing them!). A challenge indeed, as my schedule gets busier and busier. While no new monthly challenges will be published, you may continue to enjoy previous ads published over the last 14 years.

This being said, for our finale, we have a famous advertisement that was published in North America circa 1957. The name of the airline has been hidden everywhere. The aim is to Guess The Airline.

__ advertisement titled 'No Goose. No Gander' featuring... a goose and a gander walking opposite ways.

__ advertisement titled ‘No Goose. No Gander’ featuring… a goose and a gander walking opposite ways.

Vote for your answer below and come back on March 1, 2014 at 08:00 ET (13:00 UTC) to find out if you were right!

Exceptionally, comments are open for this month’s game, but please don’t use them to reveal the answer to other visitors 🙂

UPDATE (March 1, 2014): Guess The Airline – February 2014 answer

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3 comments on “Guess The Airline – February 2014 game
  1. Mason says:

    Thank you for hosting this cool column for the past 14 + years. I know many have it enjoyed it. I wish you continued success in your pursuits. StaySm:)ing!

  2. MVFlyer says:

    This one’s a classic advertisement of its day…I remember seeing it years ago. A real tweak to its competitors!

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Guess The Airline was once a fun monthly challenge for visitors worldwide. But from 1999 to 2014, it grew into a virtual gallery of over 160 airline printed advertisements. View all adverts sorted by airline ›
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