British Airways – Royal Wedding 1981

Souvenir from 1981: this ad, presumably aired on the day of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana (as she was known back then). The ad campaign back then played the patriotic jingle with the words “We’ll take more care of you, fly the flag, fly the flag…” and showed a plane writing, with … Continue reading “British Airways – Royal Wedding 1981”


British Airways – The British (Johnny Foreigner)

P.J. O’Rourke, a U.S. political satirist, is an unforgettable figure in this award-winning commercial from 1999 that makes fun of the British. Many stereotypes are depicted such as the cup of tea, cricket and curry. Where does this all lead to? That foreigners still love the British, to the extent that they made of British … Continue reading “British Airways – The British (Johnny Foreigner)”

British Airways – India commercial

This is a charming image campaign, presumably aimed at the Indian market. Random British people go on with their lives. Out of the blue, realizing that their hand gestures almost mimic the gesture already, they do the traditional Indian greeting (Namaste) to the camera, while an appropriately modified version of the “Flower Duet” plays. This … Continue reading “British Airways – India commercial”

British Airways – Manhattan Landing

This commercial was ahead of its time when it first aired in 1983. Borrowing from the sci-fi movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it features what appears to be an air traffic control centre guiding an aircraft, callsign “Manhattan”, for approach and landing at Heathrow. Except that it’s not your regular aircraft. It’s actually… … Continue reading “British Airways – Manhattan Landing”