Cathay Pacific – New world

This ad from the early 1990s uses a dynamic song and scenes shot in many countries, back when the airlines’ slogan was “Arrive in Better Shape”. My favourite moment is when the flight attendants turn at the same time to smile at the camera. That scene is easily recognizable in a commercial for a competing … Continue reading “Cathay Pacific – New world”


Cathay Pacific – A kind of magic

One 60-second commercial and three 15-second commercials from 2000, showcasing simple facts about the airline. The final jingle is inspired by a song by Queen, “It’s a kind of magic.” Same Dream, Same Team This delightful ad shows the several steps it takes to get a flight in the air, crew on duty, and off … Continue reading “Cathay Pacific – A kind of magic”

Cathay Pacific – Paper plane

The simplest commercials are sometimes the best, especially when they don’t show the “product”. In this case, a paper plane slowly circles the Earth, which stays perfectly still. A flight attendant later collects in her hand the paper plane, pushes the Earth so that it revolves on itself, and sends the plane back in the … Continue reading “Cathay Pacific – Paper plane”