The site

airodyssey.net is a website dedicated to commercial aviation since 1998. This name was chosen because as the author likes to say, each flight can be a little air odyssey.

You’ll find airodyssey.net is like a little aviation reference corner, with such features as inflight passenger announcement scripts, airline commercials, quizzes, air disaster movie reviews, etc.

In 2010, a personal blog was added to airodyssey.net. The author reports and comments on current commercial aviation events and personal experiences.

The author

Sergio in Dublin
Sergio in Dublin, Ireland. May 2009

Bonjour! My name is Sergio Ortega. I am an aviation enthusiast from Quebec, Canada and I am in my late thirties. You could say that ever since that first flight to emigrate from Peru as a child, I have been fascinated by aviation.

I am a translator specialized in the banking/financial industry. I also hold a degree in journalism with a specialization in German studies. So, yes, I am fluent in English, French and Spanish and I speak a little German.

I love to hear from my visitors. If you have any questions, comments, or if you would simply like to know more about me, write a comment below or send me an email.


26 thoughts on “About”

  1. Greetings from a fellow aviation enthusiast from Arizona! Great website… I hope you are still maintaining it.

    I too long for the glory days when airplane meals were a regular thing, where peanuts and pretzels were given with airline logos on baggies, and where a complimentary soft pillow was given without question.

    With your expertise in aviation, aircraft and the airline sector, do you believe that we will one day return to such a state where a flight on a commercial airline is as relaxing, accommodating and charming as it once was?

    Thank you for your commitment to aviation.

    Best wishes,


  2. You are awesome. 15,000 replies to the forums in four languages. What a nice man. I hope the airlines give you free travel too, so you can review the inflight service yourself

    1. @Joy is now: Thank you very much for the compliment! (Anyone wondering what she is talking about: click here.)

      Just a thought: I get free travel in order to make a review, will it not be a conflict of interest? 😉

      1. I don’t think it’s a conflict of interest. Everything in life has its pluses and minuses and airlines are no different. Most reviews simply point out what works for the reviewer personally and what doesn’t. The reader will interpret the information in the review according to their own experiences and beliefs. What might appeal to one might repel another.
        Hey, you’ve reminded me, I need to find my way to the forum to sort out something I have to work around each time I blog. No doubt the answer will already be there 🙂

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