Beware of “win free tickets” promotions!

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“Win 2 free tickets to anywhere (insert airline name) flies to”. You may have seen this on Facebook or other social media. You may have even received such invitations from your friends. Too good to be true? Indeed. Other than through frequent-flyer programs, occasional bona fide promotions or denied boarding compensation, airlines don’t usually give free tickets, much less go on a giveaway spree.

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Spanair passengers get a surprise from Santa Claus

A few days ago, Spanair made a wonderful surprise to some of its littlest passengers on a routine domestic flight. I can only put myself in these children’s shoes and try to remember what it felt like to still believe in Santa Claus and think: wow, that sure would have made my day. Continue reading “Spanair passengers get a surprise from Santa Claus”

Memories of 2010: Unexpected luggage from Spanair

This is an “old” video from last year, but it’s heartwarming for a simple reason: it reminds us that airlines have a heart and can make wonderful things when the timing is right… or that they are fond of ways of getting people’s attention (and it works, apparently, because I’m posting about it)! It’s times like these I wish I flew on Christmas Eve as well. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Guess what came with my pizza tonight

Your pizza's utensils, compliments of Air Canada?

I called a new local restaurant to order delivery pizza with a side of poutine. The staff was friendly, the pizza was delicious. But, I got quite an unexpected surprise with my meal, in the form of a disposable utensils pack.

First of all, what really brought my attention was the fact that the napkin was orange. Then, I realized it had a logo on it. I looked closer and… behold, Air Canada?! Continue reading “Guess what came with my pizza tonight”