Quiz – Aeroflot and S7 Airlines

Ten questions about Aeroflot and S7, two Russian airlines, and their hubs, slogans, fleet, networks, history, etc.

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  1. Which Moscow airport is Aeroflot’s current hub?
    A. Domodedovo
    B. Sheremetyevo
    C. Vnukovo
    D. Bykovo
  2. What is Aeroflot’s slogan as of 2010?
    A. “Fly on Aeroflot planes”
    B. “From Russia with love”
    C. “Aeroflot gets there first”
    D. “Sincerely Yours, Aeroflot”
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Quiz – Lufthansa

Ten questions about Lufthansa: the logo, the fleet, the history, and more.

Lufthansa A340 D-AIGX
Image by caribb via Flickr

  1. What is the meaning of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the full name of the airline?
    A. German air lines, publicly traded company
    B. German air alliance, publicly traded company
    C. German air travel, publicly traded company
    D. German air network, publicly traded company
  2. Which bird is part of Lufthansa’s logo since 1926?
    A. Swan
    B. Stork
    C. Pelican
    D. Crane
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Quiz – KLM

Ten questions about KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: the meaning of its name, its history, its fleet, its subsidiaries, etc.

KLM aircraft at Schiphol.
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  1. What do the letters KLM stand for?
    A. Krimholtz Leedom Matthaei (names of 3 founders)
    B. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Aviation Company)
    C. Kingdom’s Lines Management
  2. Which bird was extensively featured on KLM’s advertising campaigns in the 1980s and 1990s?
    A. Flamingo
    B. Stork
    C. Swan
    D. Hummingbird
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Quiz – ANA and JAL

Ten questions about ANA and Japan Airlines: their slogan, their first routes, their historic and current fleet, their advertising…

B747@Itami Airport 2006.3.29-05
Image by double-h via Flickr

  1. As of 2009, what is JAL’s slogan?
    A. “Dream Skyward”
    B. “Dreams On Wings”
    C. “We Can Be Your Wings”
    D. “Yes JAL!”
  2. ANA started as a domestic airline. What was their first international destination in 1986?
    A. Washington, DC
    B. Los Angeles
    C. Honolulu
    D. Guam
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