Quiz – Qantas

Ten questions about Qantas: its milestones, its logo, its subsidiaries, its history, etc.

Qantas Airbus A380 (VH-OQA) takes off from Lon...
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  1. Qantas was founded in 1920. What was the aircraft type for its first flight, on November 2, 1922?
    A. deHavilland DH.50
    B. deHavilland DH.61
    C. Short Empire C Class Flying Boat
    D. Avro 504K
  2. On which year did Qantas’ logo, the kangaroo, lose its wings, in favour of a simpler shape?
    A. 1947
    B. 1968
    C. 1984
    D. 2007
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Quiz – Airbus

Ten questions about Airbus: its founding countries, its first aircraft (the A300), its customers, its newest aircraft (the A380)…

Airbus A380 taking off during Paris Air Show 2007
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  1. Which of the following countries was NOT a founding member of Airbus?
    A. France
    B. Belgium
    C. Germany
  2. Only two Airbus A300B1 aircraft were built. Only one of them entered revenue service, the other one being a prototype. Which now defunct airline operated it for over 25 years?
    A. Pan Am
    B. Sabena
    C. Swissair
    D. Trans European Airways
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Quiz – British Airways

Ten questions about British Airways: its slogan, its signature song, its upcoming route, its Concorde service, etc.

British Airways tailfin
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  1. What is British Airways’ slogan since 2007?
    A. “We’ll Take More Care of You”
    B. “The World’s Favourite Airline”
    C. “Upgrade to British Airways”
    D. “Your Vacation Starts Here”
  2. Which song from the opera Lakmé, and also known as The Flower Duet, was for many years BA’s signature song, being featured on many TV commercials?
    A. Viens, Mallika, les lianes en fleurs…
    B. Viens dans la forêt profonde
    C. Viens! Là! Là!
    D. D’où viens-tu? Que veux-tu?
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Quiz – South African Airways

Ten questions about South African Airways: its logo, its subsidiaries, its history, its fleet, etc.

South African Airways
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  1. What is the name of South African’s former logotype and current radio callsign?
    A. Aardvark
    B. High Flyer
    C. Springbok
    D. Herder
  2. Which low-fare airline did South African start in 2006?
    A. Kulula.com
    B. Mango
    C. 1Time
    D. South African Express
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Quiz – Frequent flyer programs and alliances

Ten questions about airline frequent flyer programs and alliances.

Map of scheduled airline traffic around the wo...
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  1. In June 2005, two airlines that had recently merged founded Flying Blue, a new frequent flyer program (FFP). They are:
    A. Air France and KLM
    B. ANA and Japan Airlines
    C. KLM and Northwest Airlines
    D. Korean Air and Asiana Airlines
  2. Which of the following airlines is NOT a fully integrated partner of the Miles & More program?
    A. Lufthansa
    B. Austrian Airlines
    C. Swiss International Air Lines
    D. Alitalia
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