Quiz – Pan Am

Ten questions about Pan American World Airways (1927-1991): its founder, its fleet, its history, etc.

Pan Am 747-121. Most of its parts have been re...
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  1. Who is generally considered as the “father” and founder of what would later become Pan American World Airways?
    A. Herb Kelleher
    B. Juan Trippe
    C. T. E. Braniff
    D. Donald Trump
  2. True or False: The “father” of Pan Am (see previous question) started his experience in aviation by creating the first air club at Yale University.
    A. True
    B. False
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Quiz – Defunct airlines #2

Ten questions about airlines that are no longer in business in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

British Caledonian Boeing 707 at Gatwick Airpo...
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  1. Which airline was formed by the merger of Caledonian Airways and Flying Colours?
    A. Air Britain
    B. British Caledonian
    C. JMC Air
    D. Thomas Cook Airways
  2. Which airline, operating Fokker F.28s in the 1980s, had a hub in Utica-Rome, NY and later in Syracuse, NY?
    A. Allegheny Airlines
    B. Air Oneida
    C. Altair Airlines
    D. Empire Airlines
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Quiz – Defunct airlines #1

Ten questions about airlines that are no longer in business in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and South America.

TWA airplane. This was in Pittsburgh around 1978.
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  1. Which New York, Kennedy-based airline, flew a fleet entirely made of first-generation Boeing 747 aircraft and folded in 2000?
    A. Tower Air
    B. World Airways
    C. New York Air
    D. Regency Airlines
  2. Which airline (a competitor of the airline in Question 1) started a Newark – London Gatwick service in 1983 but filed for bankruptcy in 1986?
    A. New York Air
    B. Regency Airlines
    C. PEOPLExpress
    D. Presidential
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Quiz – Medley #2

Ten questions about many aviation topics such as the DC-10, the Concorde, men-only flights, online booking, and more.

Waiting to board the 737 to O'Hare
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  1. Shortly after the introduction of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in commercial service, four airlines formed a strategic alliance for maintenance: KSSU. What do those four letters stand for?
    A. KLM, Sabena, SAS, UTA
    B. KLM, Swissair, SAS, UTA
    C. KLM, Swissair, SAS, United
    D. KLM, Swissair, Sabena, United
  2. Other than Air France and British Airways, what is the only airline that had its full color scheme painted on a Concorde?
    A. Air Canada
    B. Braniff International
    C. Gulf Air
    D. Singapore Airlines
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Quiz – Medley #1

Ten questions about many aviation topics such as the 747, the Convair 880, the Wright Amendment, and more.

El Al operated Boeing 747-200's between the 19...
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  1. What is the name of a Boeing 747-200 with a -300 series upper lounge?
    A. Boeing 747-200 SD
    B. Boeing 747-200 SCD
    C. Boeing 747-200 SUD
    D. A 747 with a larger hump
  2. In 1973, the first A300B1 to be painted in airline colors (F-WUAC) sported a dual color scheme: one airline on the port side, and the other on the starboard side. What were those two airlines?
    A. Air France and Iberia
    B. Air France and British Airways
    C. Air France and Lufthansa
    D. Air France and Air Inter
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