Quiz – Air disasters

Ten questions about such air disasters as the Mount Erebus tragedy, the deadliest crash, the Lockerbie bombing, and more.

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  1. What was the airline of the DC-10 that crashed into Mt. Erebus in Antarctica on November 28, 1979?
    A. Air New Zealand
    B. American Airlines
    C. British Airways
    D. Lufthansa
  2. On which airport occurred the world’s deadliest air disaster between two commercial aircraft?
    A. Gran Canaria
    B. Lanzarote
    C. Tenerife
    D. Madrid
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Quiz – Air disaster movies

Ten questions about the air disaster genre and the movies that made it.

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  1. From which movie does this quote come from: “The 747 is the best aircraft ever made! It can almost fly by itself… Dad calls it the ‘big pussycat’”?
    A. Airport
    B. Airport 1975
    C. Airport ‘77
    D. Airport ‘79
  2. Who played Ada Quonsett in the movie Airport and earned the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1970?
    A. Helen Hayes
    B. Gloria Swanson
    C. Jacqueline Bisset
    D. Jessica Tandy
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