Viasa – DC-10s galore

Call me a geek, but I don’t get tired of watching this commercial for Viasa, the once national airline of Venezuela (not to be confused with today’s Conviasa). I love the music, which is an instrumental version of jingle from another Viasa commercial. It’s full of DC-10s (including one from another airline; fail) and a gorgeous takeoff scene Continue reading “Viasa – DC-10s galore”


Malév – Signal TV commercial

Another airline left us. After Spanair ceased operations two weeks ago, Malév Hungarian Airlines grounded its entire fleet on February 3, 2012 amid financial difficulties. Sadly, we may never hear again the rythmic “Malév Signal” song from this or other Malév commercials… and instead of seeing those blue-nosed 737s fly around Europe, we’ll see them on the tarmac at Shannon Airport.
Continue reading “Malév – Signal TV commercial”

American Airlines – Wi-Fi commercial

The person who posted this commercial on YouTube called it “subtle”. I agree. The conversation between this mother and her daughter appears quite casual at the beginning… until a Fasten Seatbelt sign pops up out of nowhere. Continue reading “American Airlines – Wi-Fi commercial”

Iran Air – Vintage US commercial

“Well, here we are in Tehran, the exciting capital of Iran!” In 1978, this kind of speech must have sounded interesting, exotic and maybe even inviting, especially when you are told that a Boeing 747SP can fly from New York to Tehran in about 11 hours… non-stop! Continue reading “Iran Air – Vintage US commercial”