United Airlines – Orcas

Again, the mystery notion is used here. United Airlines starts showing us a parked Boeing 747, and lets us peek inside and… surprise! We find orcas swimming in harmony Continue reading “United Airlines – Orcas”


British Caledonian – Caledonian Girls

OK, now back to a time when air hostesses (as they are still sometimes known in the UK) would provide kindness and grace to joyful businessmen… at least on the TV commercials! Here are the British Caledonian ads with a catchy song under the tune of “California Girls” from the Beach Boys.

Caledonian Girls 1

The sight of these otherwise serious people giving the Caledonian Girls this kind of a show is amusing! On the other hand, we are told by the singing businessmen the cultural stereotypes: the Far Eastern women are graceful, the Germans are always on time, and so on… Continue reading “British Caledonian – Caledonian Girls”

KLM – Take-off

In the 1990s, KLM based its whole advertising strategy on swans and this is one of its beautiful commercials featuring this majestic bird. It appears as it if was taxiing for take-off with a voice over the P.A. asking flight attendants to set doors on automatic, setting flaps for take-off, testing flight controls, and calling the take-off speeds. Continue reading “KLM – Take-off”