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Aeroflot – Flying elephant


Elegant images of the cockpit and the flight cabin are followed by a conversation between two seatmates, one commenting about “old Russia” and the other about the new one. The rest is up to you to discover.

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Quiz – Aeroflot and S7 Airlines


Ten questions about Aeroflot and S7, two Russian airlines, and their hubs, slogans, fleet, networks, history, etc.

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Aeroflot – Smile


This ad campaign was made after Aeroflot adopted its latest corporate image with the slogan “Sincerely yours, Aeroflot”, a refreshed color scheme, logo, uniforms, etc. A traveller arrives in a new city and discovers that the world around him has

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Aeroflot – Bed, Origami and Cake


Here is a delightful Aeroflot ad campaign from the mid 2000s. Translations provided by YouTube user. Bed On the commercial above, a couple is slowly waking up… but it’s not where it looks like.

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