Guess The Airline – May 2012 answer

Every month, an airline printed advertisement, minus airline name and logo, is displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. The following is the answer to a previous game.

Once again, this was an advertisement from a 1979 issue of The Economist. The name of the airline has been hidden everywhere. Are you ready? Scroll down!

Air France advertisement titled: ‘Airbus: L’avion d’aujourd’hui’, featuring an Airbus A300 aircraft with the map of Europe painted on its nose.

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Qantas A380 fleet is grounded

Qantas Airbus A380 (VH-OQA) takes off from Lon...
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In a press release issued today, Qantas announced it will ground its entire fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft as a precautionary measure following an incident earlier today involving flight QF32. The aircraft was flying from Singapore to Sydney when it experienced an “engine issue”, later confirmed by CNN as the fall of the engine #2 cover. The aircraft made a safe landing back in Singapore. Flight QF32 was carrying 440 passengers and 26 crew.
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Quiz – Airbus

Ten questions about Airbus: its founding countries, its first aircraft (the A300), its customers, its newest aircraft (the A380)…

Airbus A380 taking off during Paris Air Show 2007
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  1. Which of the following countries was NOT a founding member of Airbus?
    A. France
    B. Belgium
    C. Germany
  2. Only two Airbus A300B1 aircraft were built. Only one of them entered revenue service, the other one being a prototype. Which now defunct airline operated it for over 25 years?
    A. Pan Am
    B. Sabena
    C. Swissair
    D. Trans European Airways
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