Airport ’77 (Movie review)

A private 747 is hijacked and crashes near the Bermuda Triangle, disabling the hijackers and trapping everyone underwater.

Boeing 747 underwater

Most people I have spoken to agree to say that from all four Airport movies, Airport ’77 is the best one, with most action and excitement. Find out more in this amazing story of a private Boeing 747 crashing in the Bermuda triangle. On board, many distinguished guests, a great art collection… and crooks after it, no matter what the cost. Continue reading “Airport ’77 (Movie review)”


The Concorde … Airport ’79 (Movie review)

The maiden voyage of the Federation World Airlines Concorde is sabotaged: air-to-air missile, fighter plane attack, and decompression!

Patroni and Métrand (George Kennedy and Alain Delon)

The Concorde … Airport ’79 is the fourth and last film in the Airport series. It is the only Airport film that has a supersonic airliner, a series of armed air attacks, a decompression, a lot of screaming and panicking, all with a 1980s feel… and a lot of camp value! Continue reading “The Concorde … Airport ’79 (Movie review)”

Airport 1975 (Movie review)

Columbia flight 409, a transcontinental red-eye flight, collides with a light aircraft, leaving no one left to fly and land.

Columbia Airlines Boeing 747

After the movie Airport was thought to be the only one comes a sequel that marks the beginning of the air disaster movie saga. Based on a totally fictional story comes, in 1974, what is meant to become yet another classic: Airport 1975. Continue reading “Airport 1975 (Movie review)”

Airport (Movie review)

Trans Global flight 2 has a bomb onboard. But that’s not the only thing happening at Lincoln International Airport that snowy evening…

Vernon Demerest and Gwen Meighen (Dean Martin and Jacqueline Bisset)

This is the movie that started it… The trend of the 1970s disaster movies. It was at the time when the Boeing 707 was king of the airports, and a lot of drama and an all-start cast made movies great. This is what Airport, based on Arthur Hailey’s excellent novel of the same name, is all about. Continue reading “Airport (Movie review)”