Spanair passengers get a surprise from Santa Claus

A few days ago, Spanair made a wonderful surprise to some of its littlest passengers on a routine domestic flight. I can only put myself in these children’s shoes and try to remember what it felt like to still believe in Santa Claus and think: wow, that sure would have made my day. Continue reading “Spanair passengers get a surprise from Santa Claus”


Memories of 2010: Unexpected luggage from Spanair

This is an “old” video from last year, but it’s heartwarming for a simple reason: it reminds us that airlines have a heart and can make wonderful things when the timing is right… or that they are fond of ways of getting people’s attention (and it works, apparently, because I’m posting about it)! It’s times like these I wish I flew on Christmas Eve as well. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Yes, it’s the Flashmob video featuring Abandon Paris

Have you seen this? 60 dancers by the Air Canada checkin area at Vancouver International Airport, accompanied by a great rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by the band Abandon Paris. Continue reading “Yes, it’s the Flashmob video featuring Abandon Paris”

AeroPeru – Christmas commercial

Very patriotic, moderately religious, blissfully cheesy… That’s how this deliciously Peruvian commercial is. You have to love the crew singing (or lip-synching) in front of the Boeing 727, mixed with images of people celebrating everywhere. Continue reading “AeroPeru – Christmas commercial”