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World Airways – A Video Tribute

On March 29, 2014, World Airways ceased operations. Here’s a small tribute to the rich history of this airline: commercials, movie scenes, and an uncommon video presented on some flights.

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Memories of the DC-10

As I write these lines, the DC-10 is making its final commercial flight, I’ve had the privilege of flying onboard the DC-10 at least once, so I thought I’d share my memories with you.

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Viasa – DC-10s galore

Call me a geek, but I don’t get tired of watching this commercial for Viasa, the once national airline of Venezuela (not to be confused with today’s Conviasa). I love the music, which is an instrumental version of jingle from

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Quiz – Medley #2

Ten questions about many aviation topics such as the DC-10, the Concorde, men-only flights, online booking, and more.

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AeroPeru – Count on us

This patriotic commercial was released in 1994, a short time after AeroMexico bought a majority part of AeroPeru. The airline adopted a color scheme and uniforms inspired by AeroMexico.

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