Forgotten Classics (3 mini movie reviews)

Short reviews for three air disaster movie classics: Broken Journey, The Crowded Sky and Fate is the Hunter.

DC-6 prop plane posing as a jetliner in Fate is the Hunter
DC-6 prop plane posing as a jetliner in the movie Fate is the Hunter

There are many well-known air disaster movies. Airport and its sequels come instantly to mind, as does the Abrahams/Zucker Brothers genre parody Airplane! Here are three lesser known movies from earlier decades, when the air disaster genre was considered still to be in its infancy.  If you thought those air disaster stereotypes were old hat in 1970, wait until you see these.

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Quiz – Air disaster movies

Ten questions about the air disaster genre and the movies that made it.

Cinema Seat
Image by howzey via Flickr
  1. From which movie does this quote come from: “The 747 is the best aircraft ever made! It can almost fly by itself… Dad calls it the ‘big pussycat’”?
    A. Airport
    B. Airport 1975
    C. Airport ‘77
    D. Airport ‘79
  2. Who played Ada Quonsett in the movie Airport and earned the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1970?
    A. Helen Hayes
    B. Gloria Swanson
    C. Jacqueline Bisset
    D. Jessica Tandy
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