Faucett Peru – Christmas commercial

Los Toribianitos, a boys choir, sings a cheerful song to celebrate Christmas in the mid-1990s, alongside pictures of happy Peruvians travelling to different parts of the country to see their loved ones. Continue reading “Faucett Peru – Christmas commercial”


Faucett Peru – Peruvians like you

Two commercials from defunct airline Faucett Peru, with a catchy jingle where the airline says it employs “Peruvians like you”.


This simple commercial showcases the maintenance service that take care of a fleet of bright orange Boeing 727s and DC-8s, as well as a few images of “the white city” of Arequipa. At 60 years of age, Faucett touts itself to be a truly Peruvian airline. Continue reading “Faucett Peru – Peruvians like you”

Faucett Peru – Pleasures

In 1993, Faucett changed its logo from a stylized handwritten F to the condor. In this highly professional series of commercials, you will notice that there are no clear shots of any aircraft. They were still in the simplified orange color scheme and hadn’t been repainted to the bright red and white new scheme.