Skyjacked (Movie review)

It begins with a bomb threat on the lavatory’s mirror. It ends on a Soviet airfield. In between: action, romance and tension, in this movie that breathes the 1970s.

Passengers boarding Global Airways Flight 502
Passengers boarding Global Airways Flight 502

It’s a scenario that’s played out countless times before: a madman hijacks an airliner and threatens the crew and passengers with a bomb if his demands are not met. Skyjacked, released in 1972, takes this idea and runs with it by placing an all-star cast at the mercy of a crazed Vietnam veteran who has a bone to pick with the U.S. Army. The result is an entertaining and technically competent film that, despite some shortcomings I’ll discuss later, is sure to please genre fans. As our story opens… Continue reading “Skyjacked (Movie review)”


Airport ’77 (Movie review)

A private 747 is hijacked and crashes near the Bermuda Triangle, disabling the hijackers and trapping everyone underwater.

Boeing 747 underwater

Most people I have spoken to agree to say that from all four Airport movies, Airport ’77 is the best one, with most action and excitement. Find out more in this amazing story of a private Boeing 747 crashing in the Bermuda triangle. On board, many distinguished guests, a great art collection… and crooks after it, no matter what the cost. Continue reading “Airport ’77 (Movie review)”

The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story (Movie review)

This movie depicts the first 48 hours of the hijack of TWA flight 847 through the eyes of the purser, credited for her calm and cooperative attitude.

Uli (Lindsay Wagner), threatened by a hijacker (Eli Danker)

“Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is being hijacked. The Captain has agreed to cooperate with the hijackers and take them wherever they wish to go. So please, for the sake of everyone’s safety, just do exactly as you are told.” How did this happen, and so quickly? How did the lead flight attendant cope with the threat of two terrorists with automatic weapons and hand grenades? And most importantly, how did she manage to keep all but one of her passengers alive? Continue reading “The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story (Movie review)”