AeroPeru – Song

In 1998, AeroPeru changed its tagline to “Alas Latinoamericanas” (“Latin American wings”) and released this ad, showcasing once again a unique Peruvian and, by extension, Latin American pride. The result is emotional and full of hope. Alas, the airline went out of business a year later and this turned out to be their very last commercial. Continue reading “AeroPeru – Song”

Aerolineas – History

In this emotional commercial from the early 2000s, Aerolineas Argentinas relives many important moments. It concludes that, after being on the verge of ceasing operations permanently, it’s back to life (following its acquisition by Grupo Marsans). Continue reading “Aerolineas – History”

Aerolineas – Paris and Rome

Here are two beautiful commercials from the same award-winning campaign from 2003.


These are the adventures of Jose, Aerolineas pilot, as seen by his mother, who reads his postcards to the people of a small village. The ad is in Spanish with English subtitles. Continue reading “Aerolineas – Paris and Rome”