Quiz – Medley #2

Ten questions about many aviation topics such as the DC-10, the Concorde, men-only flights, online booking, and more.

Waiting to board the 737 to O'Hare
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  1. Shortly after the introduction of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in commercial service, four airlines formed a strategic alliance for maintenance: KSSU. What do those four letters stand for?
    A. KLM, Sabena, SAS, UTA
    B. KLM, Swissair, SAS, UTA
    C. KLM, Swissair, SAS, United
    D. KLM, Swissair, Sabena, United
  2. Other than Air France and British Airways, what is the only airline that had its full color scheme painted on a Concorde?
    A. Air Canada
    B. Braniff International
    C. Gulf Air
    D. Singapore Airlines
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